Brazil, it turns out, has a lot to learn.

As reported all over the world ( National Post ), the Head of Operations of Google Brazil was arrested yesterday for failure to take down a video posted on YouTube. As many other things, this aims a spotlight on their judicial system which has to be changed urgently, as there seems to be scandal after scandal […]

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It’s not the camera. It never was.

Three articles in a row regarding a camera test sponsored by Zacuto earlier this year (also posted, curiously, in three parts) were published by the Provideo coalition. Why Zacuto’s Latest Camera Test May Have Screwed Us All. The Zacuto Fallout Continues. More Thougts On The Zacuto Shootout. Yes, some cameras are better than others. Or have a feature […]

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Race to the bottom on price of apps

As I was finishing a post on the problem that poses the pricing of apps and the general structure of Apple’s app store, this article came on at The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( Making money in a crowded App Store: it’s dog eat dog and Spy vs Spy ). I believe in paying for apps, […]

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Nokia is losing my love, and I’m losing my patience.

I had an iPhone 1 and a 3G. Then I had HTC and Samsung Android phones. Last April I started using a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. All of them I’ve enjoyed, but clearly, the Nokia has been the best “Phone”. It is the one I can recommend the most, specially for smartphone users that […]

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Digital Domain files for Bankruptcy

The story, on The Toronto Star It is always sad when a company has to close. But Digital Domain was no ordinary company. It was at one point not too long ago, at the pinnacle of visual effects production and development. They developed some of the most amazing effects we’ve seen on the big screen. […]

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The iPhone saving the economy? I think not.

Just today, as I was getting a new post ready about the disruption Apple has done to the economy, along comes this article ( Could the new iPhone save the U.S. economy? JP Morgan thinks it might ). I think, their analysts did not do their research properly. The app store is full of free […]

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The carry-on dilema.

Gone are the good-old days of air travel. Those days when the likes of Pan-Am were still around. Airports were lounges to the Sky and we boarded our planes with only the most essential magazine or coat with us. As it turns out air travel has changed into an experience that resembles more a third class […]

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