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2013, here we go. For all my friends…

People always ask me why I keep going back to develop projects in Brazil. Of course, I travel more to Brazil than to any other country, but I also enjoy working all around. Mexico and the U.S. are also frequent stops for me. It is not easy, mainly because travel keeps me away from my […]

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The carry-on dilema.

Gone are the good-old days of air travel. Those days when the likes of Pan-Am were still around. Airports were lounges to the Sky and we boarded our planes with only the most essential magazine or coat with us. As it turns out air travel has changed into an experience that resembles more a third class […]

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Using you iPad on Takeoff and Landing? Don’t.

GigaOm reported today (Want to use your iPad during takeoff? Tell the FAA) about the possibility of using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. I for one have used them many times. I understand that celular service, bluetooth and wifi should be off at all times, however, I’ll have to admit that the current practice […]

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Air Canada could be a Virgin, or what happened on my flight today.

I’ve been a loyal Air Canada customer for years now. Given that my work takes me all over the Americas, I’ve managed to collect quite a few miles on their loyalty program, as well as a lot of perks that come associated with flying the same carrier. About that, I can’t complain. One of the […]

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On the pricing of airline tickets

What a surprise I had a few weeks ago, when I was searching for a ticket to travel once again to Sao Paulo. Of course, my carrier of choice is Air Canada, not only because I’m a member of their Aeroplan frequent flyer program, but also because overall, they are one of the finest airlines […]

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Another round for Brazil.

Some people have commented that I complain a lot. Please note that I do but it’s all based on my observations, and in all honesty, my complaints may lead into getting answers and resolve some of the problems I note. On this occasion, on my most recent trip to Brazil, my friends argued that I […]

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