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No Violence in São Paulo

Yesterday night was memorable, as thousands and thousand came out again to the streets of Sao Paulo in an amazing display of civility and togetherness. People marched and sang together with parents, children and friends. It was truly historic. The Government has acknowledged the protests and is rolling back the increase in the price of […]

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Violence in São Paulo

It’s a Saturday morning. The opening day of the Confederations Cup, a major soccer (football) event that this year is hosted in Brazil. Everything these days, seems to be hosted or related to Brazil in one way or another. But today is different. I’m having breakfast in one of my favourite spots that has a […]

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Say what you want…

It’s funny how Facebook, linkedin, and twitter work. You post a video of a cat jumping and instantly you get a million views. But talk about serious stuff, and less people comment and like your posts, mainly because they are fearful. And when people post links to Variety or any other article, almost nobody likes, or […]

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To Max, thank you and farewell.

Today is a sad day for me and my family. Today we lost my uncle Max. You see my uncle was not only an uncle to me. Max was way more than that. He was a friend when I needed one, never mind distance kept us apart for years, he would always listen and advised […]

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2013, here we go. For all my friends…

People always ask me why I keep going back to develop projects in Brazil. Of course, I travel more to Brazil than to any other country, but I also enjoy working all around. Mexico and the U.S. are also frequent stops for me. It is not easy, mainly because travel keeps me away from my […]

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The Instagram Mess

As I pointed out via Twitter a couple of days ago, Instagram rolled back the Terms of Service for users. Although I wanted to use Instagram, I never did for a variety of reasons. But as I post more and more I need to find a platform for pictures. I’ve never expected any privacy from […]

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Analysts, bloggers and reviewers are never happy. Give them a StarTAC

It used to be that when new technologies came out, people were amazed, and every new feature was received with great enthusiasm. But now, things have changed. Nothing is great, nothing is even good. Judging by Business Insider, Microsoft is going downhill ( Steve Ballmer’s Nightmare is Coming True);  Hillel Fuld doesn’t like Apple anymore (iPad […]

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