To Max, thank you and farewell.

Today is a sad day for me and my family. Today we lost my uncle Max. You see my uncle was not only an uncle to me. Max was way more than that. He was a friend when I needed one, never mind distance kept us apart for years, he would always listen and advised me, didn’t matter what the topic was, didn’t matter if he knew about it or not. He always advised me with his heart.
When I lost my dad as a very young boy, he was handed the very difficult task of letting me know that his friend had past away. I remember the moment clearly, as if it was just yesterday, although its been more than 35 years. He did it, the way you are supposed to do it. Calm, clear, just like Walter Cronkite would have done it, with only one tear. That day, we formed a bond, a very strong one, as he became the defacto father me and my sisters didn’t have anymore, a job I’m sure he didn’t ask for. He was there in good times and bad ones. He disciplined me when I needed it, cried with me when at the age of 13 my first girlfriend left me, and cheered at my accomplishments, as small as they were. He encouraged me in all my decisions, even when one of them would take me away and far.
The last few years, our conversations were few and far between and although his condition was already frail he would take the time to chat and offer his advise and support.
By coincidence, we spoke last when I was also in Sao Paulo and always told me to achieve my dreams and go on with my endeavours. And that is precisely what I’ve done, and that’s why I never regret the road that I have chosen to create.
He leaves behind 3 great kids, his lovely wife Rosette, and all of his family. He also leaves behind my 2 sisters and myself.
I miss him already.

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