2013, here we go. For all my friends…

People always ask me why I keep going back to develop projects in Brazil. Of course, I travel more to Brazil than to any other country, but I also enjoy working all around. Mexico and the U.S. are also frequent stops for me.

It is not easy, mainly because travel keeps me away from my boy,

But why I stay on the road and I keep coming back to Sao Paulo and to other places in the world, is because not only I get to do work I enjoy. Over everything else, I get to meet great people. On every single trip I meet remarkable people. The crazy ones, the serious ones, the hard working ones, the creatives, the fun ones, the loving ones. I am enamoured with all of them. They share their lives with me and in return, I do the same.

I posted today on Facebook :”Running in the rain back to the hotel, a random, incredibly nice guy from Florianópolis, invites me to walk under his umbrella. As we arrive to his street, he hands me the umbrella and wishes me good luck. Didn’t get his name, but I thanked him there, and thank him again now.
Pay it forward…. — at São Paulo, Itaim Bibi.”

And that’s just one of many examples.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not only when I travel as I have the fortune of having my friends who are my family back in Canada and I hold the close to my heart.

So for all who have opened their doors and their hearts to me, old and new, and I’m sure you all know who you are, to my family, and to Jacob, here we go, full steam ahead in 2013. I’m thankful, blessed and humbled just for being with you.


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