The Instagram Mess

As I pointed out via Twitter a couple of days ago, Instagram rolled back the Terms of Service for users. Although I wanted to use Instagram, I never did for a variety of reasons. But as I post more and more I need to find a platform for pictures.

I’ve never expected any privacy from Twitter, Facebook and all other social networks. And I am also aware that all of them will profit form commercializing me. What I don’t accept, is even the remote possibility of them profiting from my intellectual property or my image, not that I particularly think that I am at the level of any Hollywood star.

Now Instagram says that was not their intention, (Engadget – Instagram rolls its ToS back to the previous version after uproar) but as everything in life, first impression is very important, and that is the image that stays with me.

As I posted, I would gladly pay for the service. I’m sure I will find a good picture sharing platform, but this reaffirms that The Race to the Bottom on Pricing for apps still applies. And we can’t expect to get all for nothing.

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