Analysts, bloggers and reviewers are never happy. Give them a StarTAC


It used to be that when new technologies came out, people were amazed, and every new feature was received with great enthusiasm. But now, things have changed. Nothing is great, nothing is even good. Judging by Business Insider, Microsoft is going downhill ( Steve Ballmer’s Nightmare is Coming True);  Hillel Fuld doesn’t like Apple anymore (iPad Mini: Apple’s Most Manipulative and Insulting Launch Ever), and BGR has problems with Android (Android: I love you, but fragmentation is bringing me down). Someone even said last week that the end of Apple is near. They didn’t read the financials.

Just use a phone that’s good for you. Apps? Get an iPhone. Geeking out, get an Android. A good smartphone, get a Windows Phone. There… easy. It should be about applauding innovation, while pointing out the problems to make the products better. Now it’s all about the paparazzi of tech. Critique for critique sake. Boring.

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