Race to the bottom on price of apps

As I was finishing a post on the problem that poses the pricing of apps and the general structure of Apple’s app store, this article came on at The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( Making money in a crowded App Store: it’s dog eat dog and Spy vs Spy ).

I believe in paying for apps, and not only paying for them, but paying fairly for a job that is not an easy one.

There are apps that are worth nothing, but most of the ones that populate my iPad or phone, are ones that I enjoy using and I’ve been more than happy to pay for them. Pricing has to be fair  and a mechanism for upgrades has to be set in order to keep the developers profitable and writing their apps.

The same goes for the pricing of professional applications. Over the last few years, pricing of tools for film and video production, animation and compositing have come down to a level that seems too low to support further development, but I don’t know manufacturers numbers. I just hope that the increase in the number of licenses sold justifies the differential in pricing, otherwise, the race to the bottom is without merit.

Following are links that I had collected for this post that may be helpful to establish the reasoning of fair pricing on apps.

PostBox and the Mac App Store


The Mac App Store needs Upgrades

The Sparrow Problem

Marco Arment on the App Store

SCO Tutor Situation   Resolved.

And the article that started it all Read John Winsor’s The World as We Knew is Over, Now What?

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