Nokia is losing my love, and I’m losing my patience.

I had an iPhone 1 and a 3G. Then I had HTC and Samsung Android phones. Last April I started using a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. All of them I’ve enjoyed, but clearly, the Nokia has been the best “Phone”. It is the one I can recommend the most, specially for smartphone users that rely on their phone to make phone calls. It’s a phone after all.

For the most part, emailing, twitter, Facebook, etc, the device is great. And I’ve been able to work around the lack of some apps that I would like to have, by having them on my iPad or finding lesser alternatives.

One thing has been an issue and that is that I can’t share my internet connection. This feature became available 3 months ago on the latest release of the operating system for the Lumia. And after 3 months, I still can’t upgrade my phone. Upgrades are rolled out per model number of the same phone and per carrier, unlike iOS which rolls out for all phones at the same time. The reason? I don’t know it… but whatever it is, its certainly not a good one. If the upgrade is available, just let it roll out. My understanding is limited on this regard. I simply don’t know, or understand the reason.

Nokia, being on the loosing end of market share is in the position of having a great device which I can’t upgrade. And good luck trying to get tech support. It is unfortunate that Nokia is falling, even when they do have great devices. Just a week before the announcement of the iPhone 5, they announced their new line of Lumia phones. They seem to be magnificent devices. Yet they managed to screw up the announcement. Reporters were not allowed to try the phones. A release date and pricing were not disclosed and subsequent videos demonstrating the camera, were actually not shot using the phones.

Nokia has done everything to hurt themselves in spite of having a phone I really like. So in the end, my search for a new phone leads me away from Nokia. I will have to review again the iPhone as soon as its available in stores, or the latest Android offerings that I can actually hold in my hand. I hope Nokia will review its own management. Its seems that they are their worst enemy.

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