Using you iPad on Takeoff and Landing? Don’t.

GigaOm reported today (Want to use your iPad during takeoff? Tell the FAA) about the possibility of using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. I for one have used them many times. I understand that celular service, bluetooth and wifi should be off at all times, however, I’ll have to admit that the current practice is correct.

We shouldn’t; Not because it is dangerous per se, but because it is a major distraction during the most critical part of your travel. Although I love flying and it is a very safe way of transportation, in case of an emergency your attention should be focused on the right steps to take. How many people read the emergency instruction card or know what the closest exit is to your seat.

Giving up your device for a few minutes isn’t that bad, as soon as it’s safe to use it your device, you should be allowed to use it. It’s a couple of minutes, nothing more. Our life may depend on it.

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