On the Tech Trial of the Century

Two of my favourite Tech guys have gotten into a good discussion on the result of the trial between Samsung and Apple.

Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun-Times and Marco Arment, the developer of Instapaper, one of my most used apps on my iPad.

There are things to be said on both sides. Samsung definitely copied some stuff but in the process created, what I consider to be a better product than the iPhone. There are some things that are basically ridiculous, such as claiming ownership of the icon of a phone. This has been used universally for years. Just go to any mall or airport and you can see.

I will have to agree on this one with Mr. Ihnatko. In the end, we all loose, and we loose because the patent system is basically broken. And Mr. Arment should know this first hand as he had to drop development of a “Baby feeding” tracking app just because of the prospect of getting involved in a lawsuit that, he and I think would have no merit.

In this case, Apple should be pointed out to be guilty of copying. The problem is Apple gets away with it because all the technology they copy is from third party developers who probably could;t afford to go after them. Just look at “Sherlock”, now known as spotlight in Mac OS X, or the Notification Center now proudly brought over to Mountain Lion which was essentially stolen from Android (for iOS) and from Growl (for OS X).

Even Mr. Arment’s app functionality of Instapaper is now embedded into Apple’s browser. I think he should go after Apple and get a few bucks per copy sold of iOS and Mac OS X.

In the end, all of this legal ramblings only favour the lawyers. I would be for getting them out of the equation.

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