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Using you iPad on Takeoff and Landing? Don’t.

GigaOm reported today (Want to use your iPad during takeoff? Tell the FAA) about the possibility of using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. I for one have used them many times. I understand that celular service, bluetooth and wifi should be off at all times, however, I’ll have to admit that the current practice […]

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On the Tech Trial of the Century

Two of my favourite Tech guys have gotten into a good discussion on the result of the trial between Samsung and Apple. Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun-Times and Marco Arment, the developer of Instapaper, one of my most used apps on my iPad. There are things to be said on both sides. Samsung definitely […]

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London 2012: Canada ties Uganda, Uzbekistan and Grenada in gold-medal count

Dave Feschuk in the Toronto Start gives us a great perspective of what happened to Canada in the latest Olympiad. It’s always easy to point the finger. Who did this, or didn’t do that. We, of course have a tendency to favour hockey, and at that we do very well, being at the top every […]

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