A culture of violence or stardom?

It is, without a doubt, one of the nightmares of any citizen, anywhere. The amount of violence polluting our cities, our society.

A few days, one of the most disturbing scenarios came to life as a massacre took place in a movie theatre in the U.S. and tens of people died or were injured.

Discussion will come and go about the reasons behind this brutality. Arguments pro and against guns are the topic of day, let’s just remember that people with guns do this, and most of those arguments that state that we are safer by having an armed society tend to be absolutely false. Someone suggested that Texas is a safer place because a lot of citizens own and bear arms, statistics say something totally different. For some strange reason I don’t fully understand how assault rifles can be legally bought in the U.S. (Check this article by Jason Alexander)

Other discussions have started to focus on the role that Hollywood or the video-game industry are playing in creating a more violent society.

The reality is that this is work of a singe crazed individual. I could utilize more flowery language to describe the scum of perpetrator that did this, but that would perhaps be precisely what he wants.

Our society has become a cult of the star, where people idolize movie stars and we clamour for more programming on TV displaying the not so interesting lives of this so called celebrities, whose only achievement is, well… having none.

Yet as stories start to emerge of some of the victims, most of the media, newspapers, broadcasters, and online sources have focused mostly on the murderer, his identity, his life, his school years and his image is plastered all over and shown over and over again.

One newscast had endless minutes of interview with neighbours, schoolmates, and even people who think they might have seen him. One show even interviewed inmates just released from the prison where he sits now and waits to become yet another parasite of society.

But most of this reports never mentioned any of the victims of the atrocity. Almost none reported on the tragedy of Jessica Ghawi who escaped a shooting in Toronto just a few weeks before she was gunned down in Colorado. They failed to profile the 3 month old baby who was killed there (why was a baby in a theatre showing a very loud, R rated movie is also beyond my understanding).

It seems that we have lost our way. We are certainly focused on the wrong person and as long as we keep making this assassin the star of the story, we will be doomed .

It is not Hollywood movies that create a crazed individual, it is our insatiable appetite for ridiculous stardom, where last weeks important story was more about Tom’s latest divorce, now its about deranged killer.

It’s a sad day indeed, very sad for the families of the victims, and for society in general. There is no happy ending to this movie; no ticker tape parade for the superhero, who saves the day. Now we will focus on pointing the finger, how could this happen? And the we will focus on the trial and verdict of how this criminal will spend the rest of his days. Another media circus waits for us, where we will focus on him, which of course, maybe what he wants. Wouldn’t it be better if they just tell us the day he stops breathing and forever erase is name, pictures and stories of who he is, what he studied, where he lived.

His history should have no relevance whatsoever. And certainly less relevant than those irrelevant characters on reality TV.

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