When Apple, a company I admire, does wrong.


Most of the time I use a computer or a gadget, it’s one made by Apple. It’s definitely a great experience to use one of their products. I won’t go into explaining the concept of their great design or ease of use.

But what happens when Apple makes a wrong decision.

Just last week, they decided not to participate in the EPEAT certification process for recycling their products. Such an outcry from fans and foes that they actually HAD to return to EPEAT.

This is neither the first time, nor the last time they will do something I don’t like. For example the N.Y. Times reported also this week how some Apple Stores have decided not to sell their products to some clients, in this cases Iranians, which has nothing to do with selling directly to Iran (as per restrictions imposed). How is it that Apple has decided who it can sell to in the streets of the good old U.S. of A.

Or how about Apple going after retailers that sell the Google Galaxy Nexus phone (given the current dispute with Samsung).

Apple can dictate how it makes it’s products, their design, their use, even how we consume media on their iTunes store. That, they do very well, like it or not. However when it comes to issues beyond what they do, they should be more careful and make sure they don’t alienate the very users who cheer on their success.

I certainly hope Apple will do better, as they did returning to EPEAT, and show, at least to me, why they should still be one of my most admired companies.

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