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A culture of violence or stardom?

It is, without a doubt, one of the nightmares of any citizen, anywhere. The amount of violence polluting our cities, our society. A few days, one of the most disturbing scenarios came to life as a massacre took place in a movie theatre in the U.S. and tens of people died or were injured. Discussion […]

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Reasons I don’t like the streetcar

  1.- It’s noisy. 2.- When it stops, all traffic must stop, in all lanes. 3.- Tracks have to be replaced often, which is expensive and very inconvenient for everyone, except perhaps, for the construction company. 4.- When a car breaks down, the whole line stops, prompting more of (2). 5.- It’s heavy prompting more […]

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When Apple, a company I admire, does wrong.

  Most of the time I use a computer or a gadget, it’s one made by Apple. It’s definitely a great experience to use one of their products. I won’t go into explaining the concept of their great design or ease of use. But what happens when Apple makes a wrong decision. Just last week, […]

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