A Titanic achievement in 3D.

I have expressed my particular dislike of 3D movies in the past. With some exceptions as with Avatar, UP and Toy Story 3, 3D or stereoscopic movies have always felt like the latest gimmick in the arsenal of a truly uninspired Hollywood.

Today however, I have to call an Ace, an Ace. As I joined my family to a screening of Titanic in 3D. Storyline and “My Heart will go on” aside I have to admit that although I had seen this movie many times before, I felt that I was watching it again for the first time.

I recall clearly how in 1997 James Cameron produced the film that didn’t stop to impress specially with some amazing shots that up to that time would have seem impossible to create. Of particular relevance were the shots that panned around the ship and the spectacular transitions from the pristine Unsinkable beauty to the submerged and aged vow.

This time, I was able to enjoy the film knowing fully that the movie was converted to 3D, a process that in the past had created results that have been atrocious at the very least.

Yet it was a matter of leaving it to James Cameron, a director and technologist I particularly admire, to convert his film to 3D with results that are nothing short of spectacular.

Does the story benefit from 3D? Of course not. One of the main complaints against 3D is that the brightness of the film is substantially reduced by the use of polarized glasses. This effect is still present in Titanic, but the 3D imagery is incredible. I didn’t get a headache, everything seemed perfectly natural and not forced and a movie almost 15 years old, proved that I can still be amazed watching the silver screen.

I can only hope that one or two movies more will be produced with such an attention to detail in its stereoscopic process. If Hollywood manages to do that and tell a compelling story, it may be possible that I will start going back to the theatre again. I won’t hold my breath though, I’ll leave that to Jack and Rose.

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