What’s wrong with the iPad?

Some of my friends accuse me of being an Apple fanboy. Let me just state that I use an Android phone because of a few features I really enjoy, mainly the widgets. So there, I can’t be called a full fanboy as I don’t use an iPhone, although I do like Apple products… A lot.

Over the last year or so, I’ve convinced a lot of people to start using an iPad. I use mine constantly, although a bit less now that I have a MacBook Air. But for some people, the iPad represent the first opportunity of getting close to technology in a friendlier fashion. As an example, my mother has never touched a computer, yet she is perfectly comfortable with her iPad 2. And it’s always amazing to look at how young children use the device.

So what could possibly be wrong with this coveted device if even my mother uses one now and it only took until 2011 to get her an email address and a Skype account. Well, I am sure that there are several things wrong with the iPad, yet one major thing became apparent when I was setting up her iPad, and it is precisely that the setup is so complicated.

Creating email accounts, Skype accounts, Apple ID. Not one is easy at all. And one thing where the iPad is really hard to setup, is the syncing issue. If I setup the iPad on one computer and then try to fix something on a second one it will erase all content transferred from the first computer. And trying to guide anyone not technical on how to solve problems with the IMAP settings is incredibly frustrating.

If we are getting to the post-PC era, all of this complicated settings and account creation hurdles will have to be simplified to the point where a casual user can do them without the use of the Genius Bar or even the Tech-saavy son, uncle or cousin.

Until that moment comes, the iPad and all similar devices continue to be quite imperfect.

Now, let me go back and try to explain to my mother why I check my Twitter account several times a day.

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