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Mexico and Brazil – Oh, so rich.

If you’ve followed this blog, you will surely know about my passion and love for Brazil. What a lot of the readers may not know is that I was actually born in Mexico and I have great love for my homeland as well. Mexico and Brazil are very similar and very different at the same […]

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Toronto, should we look for new city managers?

I’ve lived in Toronto for 16 years now, and it is certainly a great city, one of the best in the world. Yet I find it incredible that my adoptive town can be home to the most creative and technologically savvy people in the world, be so amazingly progressive and yet be managed in a […]

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What’s wrong with the iPad?

Some of my friends accuse me of being an Apple fanboy. Let me just state that I use an Android phone because of a few features I really enjoy, mainly the widgets. So there, I can’t be called a full fanboy as I don’t use an iPhone, although I do like Apple products… A lot. […]

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