What phone should I get, part 2.

I am obsessive about technology, to a point that I actually get distracted from my normal chores and get completely absorbed by the constant flow of inventions.

Sometimes I come across some ridiculous widget or a simple piece of software that gives me great joy and I feel as if I’ve found the fountain of youth.
A few weeks ago I posted my comments on which cell phones I recommend for different kind of users. After I wrote the post, I had to exchange my HTC cell phone given that their technical support and warranty departments are about the worst I’ve come to see in the industry. So out I went to the mall and got a brand new Samsung Nexus S, the plain vanilla Android phone, even branded as The Google phone.

Now, as I pointed before, android is an excellent phone for a lot of people, but mostly, for the geek inside each one of us.
I’ve been known to change the ROM in my android phone before. This means that it’s still an android phone but it gets a number of improvements and it can be tweaked in any way the developer will allow.

In my endless process of discovery of the ideal ROM for my phone, I came across one called MIUI developed in China, which on the surface, will make the android phone look more like an iPhone. Keep in mind that it’s still an android phone and all the apps, have to be android apps.

Now, I thought I would install MIUI, test it and return to the geekier versions of android. But once I started playing with MIUI, I became enamoured. I will not go into a full review of MIUI or the nexus S phone as there are many online. What I can say, is that this MIUI ROM has changed my android experience and at least, for now, found the perfect phone for most users.

It has all the geekiness of the android operating system, and yet MIUI brought an amazing elegance that surpasses even the iPhone, mainly because it looks and acts just as good as Apples smartphone, and at the same time, includes all the features of the Android phone.
I’m surprised at the stability, and the balance between beauty, elegance and advanced features of this ROM available for a variety of Android phones.

For now, I’ve found the phone I was looking for. I can really recommend it for all users. Of course, getting MIUI into your phone is not easy task, but for sure, next time my mom needs a new phone, I’ll take the time to get her an MIUI enhanced Android. She will be very happy and so will I.

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