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What phone should I get, part 2.

I am obsessive about technology, to a point that I actually get distracted from my normal chores and get completely absorbed by the constant flow of inventions. Sometimes I come across some ridiculous widget or a simple piece of software that gives me great joy and I feel as if I’ve found the fountain of […]

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Why Apple has it right with Final Cut Pro X.

Well, it was definitely quite an eventful week with the release of Final Cut Pro X. As a full disclosure, I’ve owned Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro for many years, and although I don’t use the software as much as I would like, I can say that I know enough of editing to be […]

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On the pricing of airline tickets

What a surprise I had a few weeks ago, when I was searching for a ticket to travel once again to Sao Paulo. Of course, my carrier of choice is Air Canada, not only because I’m a member of their Aeroplan frequent flyer program, but also because overall, they are one of the finest airlines […]

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