It’s time to change the biggest night of the year.

February, 2011. Don’t take me wrong. I love movies. I watch as many as I can and I also make my living in the entertainment industry.

Yet, as tonight approaches and all media is focused on the big night, I can’t help but feel how it came to be that Oscar deserves so much attention.

Yes, it’s fun to watch the films and be transported to other worlds, both on and out of this earth. But the reality is that as much as we love films, music and dance, there is a disconnect of what is to be commended, and who should be awarded for their achievements.

Being in the post-production industry, I’ve found myself in the middle of very heated exchanges on who should take a credit or not in a certain movie or television show. Of course the industry is full of passionate people and that may explain the reason they want their name up on the screen, right there, just before the caterer and the production drivers.

I can’t remember the last time I heard the same discussion about who would take the credit on the fantastic heart bypass surgery my relative had a few years ago, or if the assistant anesthesiologists name should go before or after the surgical equipment manufacturers name.

It sounds a bit ridiculous, no? But that’s what we are talking about. Tonight, we will see the big salute to all the crews that make movies possible and we will dose off on long speeches thanking the publicist, the lawyer and manager. Some will thank their parents in heaven and some others will thank god.

They will receive bags with thousands of dollars in presents, gadgets, cosmetics and other products that I’m sure their multimillion dollar payments could easily afford. And a lot of people will even watch as Joan Rivers keeps asking what the newest star is wearing this fine evening, as if it makes any difference what Pierce Brosnan wears. All tuxedos look the same, and he always looks great. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Hugo Boss or a Valentino.

I think it’s time to switch the biggest night of the year to somebody else. I would’ve recommended we shift from Oscar to Nobel. It would seem more appropriate. But Nobel already lost that one. As I inquired around today, almost nobody knows who Sadat was. (By the way, everyone knows about the latest developments in Egypt, but not too many people know that Sadat was the Egyptian president who won the Nobel peace price. Shocking).

I guess Nobel should get a new publicist. Or how about the Heroes awards? I don’t love CNN that much, but they have really come through with these awards that I’m sure not too many people have heard of. Possibly we could celebrate the firefighter who saved our neighbour. Or our own Canadian soldiers who risk their life everyday in Afghanistan.

I know, the heroes awards don’t really have a ring to it, so why don’t we rename them the Anderson. He seems to get a lot of attention. Wouldn’t it be great, if a billion people would pause for one night to watch and celebrate the achievements of the people who make a real difference in our lives?

By the way, I would like to thank myself for the great catering provided this morning. Perhaps I could get the award for achievement in cutting a papaya in half.

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